How To Create A Scandinavian Inspired Nursery

How To Create A Scandinavian Inspired Nursery

I recently went past my local Mamas & Papas and it caught my eye for the first time, their window display seemed fresh and full of modern day design – to be precise, it was Scandinavian. Continue reading “How To Create A Scandinavian Inspired Nursery”


The Hygge-Life

Being a fan of all things Scandinavian I was aware of the Danish way of living ‘Hygge’. There is no real direct translation for this, but it encompasses a feeling and the many pleasures of everyday life; to feel cosy, content, happy and relaxed.

Hygge can happen anywhere, you don’t need to be living in Scandinavia to feel it; something as simple as reading a great book with the fire lit, enjoying a dinner with friends or even a romantic outdoor walk in the crisp fall air. The point of Hygge is to do the things you love and enjoy most to bring about this state.

With that in mind I have picked some of my favourite things to do that make me happy and content everyday.

If your interest is peaked about this way of living then read ‘The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well’.