Simple Jewellery

Since I have been engaged I have found my taste for jewellery shift dramatically. I use to love the whole J Crew vibe; statement necklaces and earrings, not to say I don’t still love that but I have simply left that side to evenings or occasion wear.

Instead I have been drawn to all things minimalist and simple. This could be down to my general love for Scandinavian styling, but I think really its because I now have the most amazing engagement and wedding band, that I don’t feel the need to wear much more; or certainly not overpower them as they are the most precious and beautiful pieces to me!

Cue minimal jewellery pining, in particular I have picking up delicate necklaces for layering from the Z collection and also the beautiful bracelets at Monica Vinader (I got the Linear rose gold one as a Wedding Gift off my Husband).

Another great place for this style is Cos and & Other Stories. I am particularly fond of anything with the added detail of marble or stone because it adds another element of luxe and looks so sleek and put together, even with a basic tee and denim.


The Hygge-Life

Being a fan of all things Scandinavian I was aware of the Danish way of living ‘Hygge’. There is no real direct translation for this, but it encompasses a feeling and the many pleasures of everyday life; to feel cosy, content, happy and relaxed.

Hygge can happen anywhere, you don’t need to be living in Scandinavia to feel it; something as simple as reading a great book with the fire lit, enjoying a dinner with friends or even a romantic outdoor walk in the crisp fall air. The point of Hygge is to do the things you love and enjoy most to bring about this state.

With that in mind I have picked some of my favourite things to do that make me happy and content everyday.

If your interest is peaked about this way of living then read ‘The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well’.

October Pinings

An overdue post at 2 months- it has honestly flown by.

I have had a busy 4 weeks. I was off work for my Wedding and Honeymoon, which have truly been the best days of my life and I am so incredibly lucky and blessed to have had such an amazing time and such an amazing husband.

In light of getting back into the swing of things, I decided to share some of my current obsessions and things post-wedding (no more planning means lots of brain space!). I already have my Nike trainers which I have been wearing every weekend and with a recent iPhone upgrade I do now also have a marble phone case!

Slowly I am sure these will all make it into my orbit, but at the weekend I saw the most amazing Camel Wool Coat that won’t evade my memory… so I feel this might be on my next agenda. If I splurge I will be sure to share some pictures very soon; let’s face it, Fall is in full swing and the air is cold so I think it is a necessity to buy!

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS17

Today is the first day of CFW, and along with Stockholm Fashion Week this is where I tend to get all my inspiration for the seasons ahead.

It’s no secret about my love for Scandi Fashion…it is effortless, laid back and just dam right cool!

With shows scheduled, trade fairs and events for the next 3 days I will be keeping up to date with everything and planning my new looks and key wardrobe pieces.

For now, I have given you a taster above of all the cool brands and styles you can look forward to at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Heatwave Cool

As contradictory as my post title sounds, it is none the less the only thing I have been thinking since Sunday…How can I stay Cool?

Britain (mainly London) has been basking in blue skies without a single cloud, which is a shock to the eyes! Along with this brings temperatures above 30c and a humidity which has brought the inner Monica Gellar in my hair out- not fun!

With the heat here to stay at least for the next week, my aim  is trying to stay as cool as possible at work but still office appropriate. All I really want to do is put my bikini on and sit by the pool, but it is Tuesday and safe to say not going to happen!

I have picked a few great separates to keep your wardrobe functional but also still with a cool edge, and when the weather turns (which it inevitably will) these can all slot seamlessly back in with additional layers.