A Brief History

I originally created this back in 2014, more of an idea, than a full on blog. I dipped in and out of posts talking about my take on luxury fashion when I was working in the industry (6 years of struggle and disillusion I might add!). Fast forward two years and my idea has changed, or should I say grown. I have many loves in my life, too many to list which I guess is a good reflection on my happiness, but the ones which I always seem to blog about time and time again is Scandinavia and America.

Pine + Scandi is a merge of these two things. Pine being the trees I associate with the US, especially after spending some time out in Maine in 2014 — affectionately named ‘The Pine State’; and Scandi because I am obsessed with their minimal living and approach to everyday life; something which I think contributes to my happiness scale.

 I hope you enjoy reading my musings on Scandi style and my global travels.

If you want to contact me to enquire about anything you have seen n my blog or for collaborations feel free to reach out at pineandscandi@icloud.com.