20 Baby Essentials: A Neutral Scandi vibe

I may or may not have said but I am pregnant and just entering my 3rd trimester (eeek!) and I couldn’t tell you where the last 7 months have gone! From finding out – a totally lovely surprise – to consultant appointments, the horrendous 1st trimester sickness (if anyone tells you otherwise they are lying), working through a mammoth AW18/SS19 season and then an amazing vacay in the Mid-West during my 2nd trimester; the time really has just vanished.

Complaining aside…although I really don’t mean to sound negative, because it is a wonderful time too, and now that I am on the downward slide and super excited for Little Bear (our baby boy) to arrive, I have started ‘nesting’ and making lots of lists of things to buy and do – and the reason why I am writing this post today –  I wanted to share my must buys and what I have been pining over .

Bear Print Etsy

The Essentials


  1. Cot or Co-sleeping crib – Usually the baby sleeps with you for the first 6 months, which is why we have decided to postpone on a nursery/ cot for now and save our pennies
  2. Fitted crib or cot sheets- x2-3 is ideal so you can change in the week when needed without washing
  3. Cellular blanket- the one with holes in as these are very safe for cribs and newborns. Also a good tip, always place the baby at the foot of the crib so they can’t slide further down and risk being hidden under the blanket.
  4. Grosnug/Swaddle- we have gone for one of these as my husband doesn’t think he can master the art of true swaddling just yet!
  5. Baby Monitor- preferably one with a room thermometer to save on buying this seperatley
  6. White noise machine- A Ewan is the usual go to, but we have also been eyeing up Ollie the Owl as he turns back on when the baby is stirring to help soothe again


  1. Sleepsuits x8-10- You will want enough for more than a week so you aren’t having to re-wash every time you change little one! Bonus if they have inbuilt scratch mitts.
  2. Bodysuits x8-10 (Short & Long Sleeve)- As above but these don’t need to be fancy as no one will see underneath the sleepsuits. Buy in large packs of 5-7.
  3. Cardigan/Jacket- x2 depending on what season you will be having your baby in
  4. Pramsuit/Snowsuit- Again, depending on the weather!
  5. Hats, Scratch Mitts, Socks x5- Soft is key and organic is obviously best but work with your budget
  6. Booties- They probably won’t stay on, but handy for popping over sleep suits in the early trips out

Feeding & Changing

  1. Bottles x4-6- The best brands are Tommee Tippee or MAM. I was always going for Tommee Tippee but after looking at the MAM ones, they are so great I think we will now go with those – self sterilising!
  2. Steriliser- Depending on what bottles you pick *ahem go with the MAM* –you may only need a microwave– otherwise you will need an electric steriliser or microwave one.
  3. Changing Mat- Whatever takes your fancy, wipe clean or removable wash one
  4. Hooded Towels & Flannels- soft and fluffy!
  5. Baby Bath- Angelcare’s is the best and my sister swore by it for making bath time easy
  6. Grooming Kit- The best one I have found is the Tommee Tippee one for value as it also includes a thermometer
  7. Muslin Squares- you can never have too many, just stock up in your fave colours
  8. Bibs- Again… the more the merrier
  9. Nursing Bras- Shop around for key features important to you. H&M are top for value and comfort.

This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, and it also isn’t meant to be a ‘you must buy this or are unprepared’ list. These are just things I have heard from friends and family are invaluable to have in the first few months and are my favourite finds which suit my minimal, scandi style. If you are interested in reading more, I did a post here last season on how to create a Scandinavian nursery and I know this trend has been big again this year.

One last and crucial point – since you will use it every day for the foreseeable – the perfect changing bag. I have been on the hunt for a while and it has been a long process, so when I have found ‘the one’ I will do a post on my top picks for making the choice a little less stressful.



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