Fika, Food & Fashion – Stockholm’s Best

It’s been too long since I was last in Scandinavia and in particular Stockholm, somewhere I would happily visit every year for my fix of great coffee and cool clothes.

Since we are in the middle of a cold snap it has got me dreaming of our next city break; top of the list is Malmö and my first stop would be the newly opened Saluhall by Kjellander Sjöberg.

Malmö aside, Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and a cluster of 14 islands which form part of an archipelago. This beautiful city is less than 3 hours from the UK and has so much to offer; from the 13th century colourful buildings in Gamla Stan (The Old Town) to the super friendly people and of course the undeniable Scandi vibe that is everywhere! Which brings me to my next point- just where are the best places to visit?


We spent our time in Stockholm exploring with only essential pit stops for Fika every 2 hours (customary in Sweden, right?), as I had packed our itinerary full of hidden gems that I just had to go check out. So, if like us you want a taste of the local ways and are also limited on time, then these are your must sees to have a memorable stay in Stockholm.

And if you can only hang out in one place the whole time you are there, this should be Södermalm. The only place for people watching, street style, authentic swedish food and coffee.



  1. Taverna Brillo (Take the entrance off Humlägardsgatan) – Buzzy vibe, snug tables and in the heart of Ostermalm
  2. Fabrique Stenugnsbageri – The best and original Kanelbullar for your cinnamon  and carb fix
  3. Johan & Nyström –  A real Scandinavian design aesthetic and coffee roasted by connoisseurs/geeks who know their stuff



  1. Bistro Oaxen Slip- Still to date the in my Top 5 meals ever. The Jerusalem artichokes and the fresh caught fish are amazing.
  2. Meatballs For The People- Lets face it, what trip to Sweden isn’t complete without meatballs? These are the best in Stockholm- try the Elk.
  3. Ostermälm Saluhall- The equivalent of a farmers market but indoors, with endless options of local delicacies.



  1. Grandpa Södermannagatan- An eclectic mix of Vintage, Swedish brands and hipster finds
  2. Mood- A concept mall which is full of niche boutiques and a unique design aspect to make you forget what time it is and where you are
  3. Acne Archive Torsgatan – Any fashionistas dream with insane discounts
  4. Norrgavel- An interior design heaven. Think of it as a upscale Ikea, but way cooler.


With so many great things to see and do in Stockholm, my post doesn’t seem to quite do it justice…but I hope these will be a good starting point if you are planning a trip to Stockholm this year.

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