Red Hot: Fall’s Only Colour To Wear

With the first official day of Autumn/Fall passing us by last weekend that means one thing – new wardrobe, or at least new additions.

If you haven’t been on Instagram, picked up a magazine or I guess been walking around with your eyes shut then you could be forgiven for missing the key colour for the season (but I’m pretty sure you love Instagram too), and it is all about Red.

For me nothing says Autumn like Red and Orange hues, the unanimous image of falling leaves and the change in seasons really evokes a warmth which I like to translate into my wardrobe. The brighter the better, but tonal reds work just as well especially if you go bold and wear them together. Victoria Beckham nailed this look recently for a more elegant approach to wearing this trend day-to-day.

Victoria Beckham- Red Outfit

Like a red lipstick, there is a shade out there for everyone whether you have fair skin, dark hair or blue eyes; it is in fact the most flattering colour on all skin tones so there are no excuses to not try this trend.

If you are still sceptical then the best way to see this colour in work is to do a quick search on Pinterest; with so many street style looks at your fingertips it will help with styling ideas to incorporate this colour in to your own wardrobe. Pinterest has even reported that since the start of 2017 there has been a 500% increase in people searching for Red items too, only falling slightly behind Millennial Pink which you all know has been huge for the past year too.

I for one will be switching out my wardrobe in the next couple of weeks, breaking out plaids, burgundy anything, blanket scarfs and leather to welcome in the month of October. One thing I will be doing is purchasing myself something bright red to give my wardrobe a much needed shake up for the season, I already own a tonne of burgundy items (my fav colour) so I think branching into the more tomato red colour will be a good thing to try for at least one year anyway.

Red Layering

I recently wore this red top layered with a shirt underneath and got so many compliments that it got me racking my brain for red pieces I have bought over the years, and to much delight I have two gems at my family home which I will be taking out of storage (I knew they would come back around again, obviously…).

Take a look below for my roundup of the best options available now. For extra street cred, opt for Red Boots or Coats to really make an impact and make your purchase go further by wearing with everything.

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