Copenhagen Fashion Week: Street Style

If there isn't already enough things that the Danes do well, why not add to the growing list; beautiful women working a plethora of colours and prints in the streets of pretty Copenhagen. This is especially so come Copenhagen Fashion Week and CFW is a firm favourite of mine in all International Fashion Weeks, no one quite pulls out all the stops like Danish Girl's, especially for Spring Summer shows.

Getty Images

Danish Fashion quite often is clubbed in with Scandinavian Style, although not technically a Scandinavian country, but there is a definite minimal vibe present in Denmark just as in Sweden and for me, just as cool. FYI, Stockholm Fashion Week kicks off in 17 days too and is not one to be missed! I will be posting my favourite Street Style looks and shows to watch, so stay tuned. The one thing Denmark does better than Sweden is prints; from Stine Goya to Day Birger Et Mikkelsen and By Malene Birger (to name a few), they know how to work colours and patterns into fashion through their nations inherent creativity and design that runs through everything they seem to invent. I found the latter out when I went to Copenhagen in February earlier this year, I took a trip to the Design Museum and couldn't quite believe how many things we see and use in day-to-day life which originates from a Danish Designer- well worth a trip if you do go.

Back to it, the real reason you read this post is to marvel at some of the best street style looks from the past week in Copenhagen and snag some sartorial styling tips for your SS18 wardrobe. I for one am now going to be re-thinking my wardrobe for the rest of summer and working out how to clash all prints, stripes and colourful items I own into a outfit as effortlessly cool as the Denmark Ladies.

See below for my favourites and a real showcase of that Danishness I was talking about earlier…

Camille Charriere- Stine Goya

Gine Margrethe

Copenhagen Fashion Week- Street Style 01

Copenhagen Fashion Week- Street Syle 03

Funda Christopheren

Celine Argaard

Copenhagen Fashion Week- Street Style 02

All images Getty




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