Abnormal Beauty For Unique People

I just saw some rather exciting news on a Instagram post from a relatively new company who has been taking the beauty industry by storm.

Deciem started in 2013 with only 1 product (The Ordinary) and in 1 location (Toronto, Canada) today they have 10 brands in multiple locations with huge expansion in store. If you haven’t heard of them then I would have to assume you have been walking around with your eyes shut, or possibly not savvy with Instagram, Twitter or any social media platform for the matter. They came out of nowhere and knocked the wind out of the beauty industry; a shake up which was needed and ruled by huge conglomerate brands which lacked innovation.

Deciem Brands

At the heart of their business is The Ordinary which are treatment focused products with high potency and minimal fuss- try their Ascorbyl Glucoside with a huge whammy of Vitamin C goodness, excellent for any sun damage/post-acne marks, and why not layer up with the Glycolic Acid for an exfoliant to improve skin texture too. Next up is Hylamide their Finisher product in Photoblur and HA Blur is in the make-up bags of all celebrities stylists and apparently what all Kardashians use for a flawless, photo ready finish. Lastly Fountain is one which  was even picked up by Net-A-Porter, their Glow Molecule is most popular and even though it looks like a toner it is in fact a supplement (two teaspoons a day) which after just one week gives you an insane glow– beauty from within!

All designing of their products is done in house; lab work, manufacturing and marketing, making it the master of all trades when it comes to producing unique brands. The best bit? Their products actually do what it says on the tin, and actually contain ingredients you  would want to put on your skin – since it is your biggest organ and absorbs everything you eat and drink, why not put good stuff on there too?


The science behind the brand is also legit, (tested by The University of Waterloo in Toronto) all of their products contain way more of the concentrated ingredients than many other brands, but at a fraction of the cost. For once you are paying for whats in the bottle and not all the ‘frou frou’ packaging and glossy advertorials which bump up the prices.

Up until last year the only way to get your hands on this stuff was online or in Toronto, but with their exponential growth and ever expanding portfolio it was only a matter of time before they opened up more bricks-and-mortar. Now in 12 locations, including one in London, but with a further three later this year in London again (seems us Brits can’t get enough) but what I’m sure is a big one for them and for fans is three new locations in New York, Miami and San Francisco.

Spitalfields London

So the news I was talking about at the start of the post…next year they are hoping to open one in Manchester! This made me love this brand more, not enough companies realise that there is more outside the bubble of London living and that the North, in particular Manchester, is just as cool and thee next destination to open up and coming brands. So watch this space!



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