Flowers: Everything You Need To Know On This Rising Trend

Only last Saturday was it Midsummers Day; the welcoming of Summer and the biggest party of the year for Swedes. A key part of this event as you will have seen in my previous post was the flowers, whether it was decorating the maypoles, dressing the tables or adorning girls heads in a gigantic flower crown. Even Glastonbury fans followed suit and many opted for garlands in their hair for a edge in the style stakes –you can thank Queen Bey for this too, bringing her crown out in the Coldplay video (Hymn for the weekend) last year.


Queen Bey aside, flowers are having a bit of a moment in the fashion world. Most recently Dolce & Gabbana have released their new campaign English Garden in Sicily and added this ‘Ortensia’ print on everything –Hydrangeas (my flower of choice all day, every day) I even adorned my wedding with them and had the ceremony room full of green and white ones because they are just too pretty.

Wedding Flowers

This moves me on to my next point and the reason for this post- Subscription Boxes. You will have seen the beauty based ones which have grown substantially over the past few years with leaders such as Birchbox, Glossybox and most recently Powder. As well as food boxes for the time-pinched millennial using Gusto and Hello Fresh. However, the new guys in town are the flower boxes (Yes, flowers posted through your mailbox), even I was dubious at first thinking they must die or be crushed to smithereens before even arriving, yet I stand corrected!

With free next day delivery offered by most and even two hour delivery services in London, it’s easy to see why so many people are opting to use this. I myself have considered it recently for sending as a gift because of the high-quality and service provided, not to mention unique and modern pairings. Gone are the days of Interflora being your only option and traditional bouquets that cost a small fortune just to resemble near enough decent.

It is no secret amongst my husband and friends that I am a marketers dream for offers/promotions and I always get sucked in on Facebook by their ‘suggested posts’; last year this was Bloom & Wild!

Bloom&Wild Post

Bloom & Wild is redefining this sector and personally I think the best at what there is out there, all of their flowers are boxed beautifully in premium letterbox packaging, hand-tied and wrapped carefully to ensure they arrive Insta-worthy- Just add water! The best bit? All flowers are seasonal and sourced locally so you really know that what you receive is personal and like nothing else anyone will have in their home and there is even an App for making this even quicker and simpler to use.

Subscriptions start at £15 per bouquet for a regular or £20 for lux. Both options give you the flexibility to choose how often and how long you want your subscription to last for – whether it is a one off for a dinner party or all summer to keep your house feeling like summer inside and out. Another great option is their gift subscription, offered in 3/6/12 month options starting at £50 for a monthly treat delivered right to a loved ones door! For me, this is a beautiful and thoughtful way to make someones special day last a little longer and something which no-one else will think of as a gift.

Other great options to consider are Appleyard Flowers if you live in London, Bloom On for wild meadow-esque bunches and Freddies Flowers for informative details on your flowers including styling advice. So before you struggle for ideas on the next birthday for your friends or family, think of this as a small treat which will go a long way.




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