The One Bag You Need For Summer

I am off to Barcelona on Sunday and can’t wait. A short city break with my Mum and Sister, which is a very overdue family trip! 

The last time it was just us three was 10 years ago (we’ve all been away separately with other halves or friends in between)! So as you would imagine, I am just a tad excited to get away to the sunshine and spend some quality time with them.

Whilst I was packing these past few days I had to keep in mind that it was just a 3 day trip and I only had carry on luggage; so in the back of my mind I had to plan outfits strategically – cue meltdown. This was before I even realised I had to get all my toiletries plus make up in a TSA approved clear bag, this will be the last time I travel without checked luggage.

One thing that is a must to take with me is a basket bag; the bag of summer and it has been seen on every influencers Instagram. One in particular is the round shopper as seen below and championed by The Frugality in many Insta outfits which have had me yearning for this one too.

A straw bag is a holiday staple and a given for poolside, but this year it is a sure hit for all occasions; brunch, shopping, park strolls- just wear it anywhere. Don’t just save it for your next beach getaway because it is so easy to add into any outfit for a touch of French girl chic. The beauty of this trend is that they come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colours making it so easy to pick one which really speaks to your personality or wardrobe; not to mention it is a classic style you can bring our year after year.

One brand which has helped with the appeal of this off duty style and resurgence in popularity is Nannacay, if you haven’t heard of them then just take a look at their Instagram and try not to smile. All their pieces are so cute and so playful it would be hard not to make you happy toting one around! Plus they are made in Peru, by hand, by a small group of Women who are artisans in their unique craft- a great cause and fairtrade.

I will be toting around this beauty below, a gift from my Mum when she went to Marrakech a couple of months ago- I gave her a slight brief and was so pleased to see what she had bought when she got back.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I wanted a classic shape with a drawstring lining for hiding all my essentials but still ticking the fun side with plenty of pom poms; the blue-grey colour makes it easy to pair with all my denim too. Also, in case you were wondering, the small lip to the left is actually normal and a sign of a traditional hand-made straw bag – personally I think it is a great way to stow some flowers in their so they have a little leaning post.

If all this talk of holidays, markets and Parisian style has left you pining for more, then see below for my top picks available to buy now.

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