Modern Rarity | John Lewis

Before you make judgements, no John Lewis is not for an older market and no it isn’t just homewares. They have of late been trying to introduce younger and more modern brands.Most recent to note is a favourite of mine- Samsøe, which is a Swedish export and full of amazing prints and tailored pieces. On top of this they have created some of their own in house brands (And/Or, Kïn) which I absolutely love, not only for the price and quality, but for the unique choice making it a sort of one stop shop for items others definitely won’t have.

One other thing I think John Lewis is doing really well is their monthly [The Edit], this really showcases the best of their brands in store; focusing on a specific trend which is inspired minimalism to give you an easy shopping experience and inspiration. This month it is Modern Khaki and no surprise I want most things, but especially this Utility Jacket; the ultimate summer throw on with any T-shirt!

Mint Velvet Utility Jacket

I don’t know why but lately dressing myself has been a bit of a pain, I get as far as a pair of cropped jeans and a top but then with typical British weather you never quite know if you need a jacket. So, I head to my jackets and nothing goes, I don’t want to do double denim, a leather jacket is too much for the day and a bomber jacket just doesn’t quite cut it for every outfit. However, a Military Jacket is where it’s at, a classic and literally will go with everything!

Anyway, my lust list aside, the Modern Rarity range is worth checking out. Prices ranging from £45-200 and all items are the sort which slot right into your wardrobe easily – items you never knew you needed but do now type. A range which is dedicated to the design, craftsmanship and the fabrics (Italian Yarns, Silk, Cashmere, Linen) to bring you fresh updated wardrobe staples. My favourites, Silk Bomber Jacket, Leather Wrap Skirt, Tie Waist Shirt; all done with an inspired twist.

However, the real gem of the range and the reason why it is the brand you need to know about right now is their range of palmer//harding shirts; limited edition and what all glossy editors are wearing right now. You all know that this season is about a deconstructed shirt, but this particular dress has been doing so well amongst the ‘fash-pack’ that they can’t keep it in stock. Meet your ultimate workwear summer dress.

palmer::harding stripe tie shirt dress

In addition to this beautiful dress there is a big selection of seriously cool shirts to update your wardrobe, all created in collaboration with Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding, so think of it as getting a slice of their ingenious designs at a cheaper price point.

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Shop the exclusive range available now online and in select stores.



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