How To Create A Scandinavian Inspired Nursery

I recently went past my local Mamas & Papas and it caught my eye for the first time, their window display seemed fresh and full of modern day design – to be precise, it was Scandinavian. This trend has been growing quietly since the start of 2016 and is still ranked as one of the top 10 searches on Pinterest, in particular ‘Hygge‘ which is the art of enjoying all of life’s pleasures. With that in mind, many people are wanting to create this feeling and searching for Scandinavian inspiration in their home design so it is no surprise this has trickled down to Nursery’s too.

Their new furniture range is what you would expect from M&P; tasteful, elegant and well crafted and a company at the forefront of new parents minds when making all those important decisions. Designing your baby’s nursery should be easy, creative and a time to enjoy with your family before welcoming the baby into the world, something which Mamas & Papas takes care of with their in house team who can help with all your needs– right down to the last essential. They really are a one stop shop for babies and do what they do best.

The Scandi range comes in gender neutral tones of yellow and grey, so if you aren’t girly girly or don’t know the sex of your baby then this cuts right down the middle of a difficult decision from the start.

Lawson 3 Piece With Rail

The Lawson 3 Piece Set is the focal point of the range consisting of a Cot/Toddler Bed, Dresser/Changer and either a Wardrobe or Rail (personally the rail has extra kudos for the Scandi vibe) and a sprung mattress for a great price of £669 down from £966. The best bit is the whole range serves you right up until your child turns approximately 4, so it really is a great investment and will stand the test of time with its quality and timeless style.

On top of this they have great accessories to really add to the Scandinavian design theme and to add a little bit of playfulness into the room. My personal favourites are the Martos Rug, Felt BasketSunflower Knitted Blanket and Cloud Cushion all of which come in under £30.

In addition to their new bedroom range, they also have their SS17 clothing collection out which I fell in love with. Not only did it have a subtle nod to the Scandi trend, but all pieces were easy, unique and not like anything I’ve seen recently. With my Sister’s baby due in August I think I might just be popping back in to add some of these to her baby shower gifts. Take a peek below and make sure to check out their range soon, some pieces already have a promotional 50% off!

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If you like what you see or are still undecided then take a look at some more inspiration from Pinterest (click for image credits).

P.S check out Elske Little Style on Etsy for beautiful, luxury baby blankets (one above), sheets and swaddle wraps. Great for gifts that you won’t get anywhere else!


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