House Essentials For A Hygge Feel

You will be pleased to know (I’m sure..) that we fully moved in to our new home in Manchester and we are absolutely loving our new place. However, we have no WiFi yet and this is slowly giving me cabin fever and a real feel of being disconnected!

So, now that I have had a minute to myself, I have ventured into Manchester City Centre to meet a friend for an overdue celebratory moving north wine and then now as I write, a great brunch, coffee (Federal Cafe Bar, NQ) and post! I wasn’t quite sure what to write about but since I have been moving and unpacking boxes, it seemed fitting to a bit of a house living one with my essentials for a ‘hygge’ home.

Sadly I haven’t yet taken any photos of the new place yet, slightly battling boxes and things being assembled until fully ready, but I promise to share with you very soon. For now, see below for my key items in each room to easily add some Scandi vibes.


This is where you will spend the bulk of your time, so it needs to feel light and airy. The best way to do this is invest in some great blinds of if you are lucky Boston Shutters to adapt the flow of light from the windows. In addition, I love a great lamp and my favourite pick would be a wood lamp like this one from John Lewis – a great feature in daytime and a warm glow in the evening. To add to this vibe, a genius thought from my husband for our wedding was adding simple cream pillar candles to Kilner Jars for a rustic feel- we since kept a handful of these post-wedding and have them dotted around our lounge. Lastly, you just have to have a great coffee table, no explanation needed!

Tripod Lamp, John Lewis, £120 / Coffee Table, John Lewis, £259 / Pillar Candles, John Lewis, £3-£24


For some this will be a room with an actual dining table, for us, we have a wood burning stove and our desk in here along with an uber comfy Laura Ashley sofa which we got at a bargain price a few years ago (ex display). We decided to go for a ‘snug’ type room because we know there will be nothing better come winter lighting a fire and relaxing with a glass of wine for the evening and no TV in sight! It is a tough call between the desk which we do the bulk of our work and me writing at, or the sofa which provides endless cosy nights in!

Kingston Check Sofa, Laura Ashley, £1850 / Mid Century Desk, Swoon Editions, £279


Lastly, nothing makes you relax into your bed like soft cotton bedding. We were lucky that we added a few nice bed linen items to out gift list and chose neutral pieces which would stand the test of time- think stripes, white and seersucker. All you then need is a great bedspread for a splash of colour and additional warmth come winter. Add to this a great beside lamp with a subtle glow you then have an additional room to relax in; for me mid week when my husband is away the perfect place to read (addicted to the ‘Year of Living Danishly’ currently), then come the weekend a great place to lie in and catch up on our weeks and if I am lucky breakfast in bed with my favourite slate and marble tray which we found randomly in TK Maxx.

Seersucker Bed Linen, John Lewis, £60 / Bedside Lamp, John Lewis, £190 / Tray, Louise Roe Copenhagen, €135

I debated adding the kitchen to this post since everyone is so different on food and drink choices. But, coffee is such a big part of our lives and especially weekend, that it seemed madness not to add it!


One thing we spend a great amount of time in the kitchen doing daily is making a coffee. We invested some years back in a Bialetti Moka and have never looked back- if you like a good cup of joe then just go and buy one now. Seriously. It is a perfect treat on a weekend when you have the time to brew on your stove, or if you are in a rush midweek then you could also opt for a Nespresso Machine; again the best investment we made. The pods taste like proper espresso, there is so much variety and a cup of coffee a day equates to around 25p instead of £2.50!

P.S. Fun fact, Finaland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden are in the top 10 coffee consuming nations. So if you go visit any of these beautiful countries be sure to pick up a bag of local ground coffee for your return home to add to your Bialetti.

Bialetti Moka Express, Habitat, £40 / Nespresso Machine, John Lewis, £119-160 / Ground Coffee, Farrers, £4.95 (Currently trialling the Westomorland blend)



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