J.CREW And The Infamous Jenna Lyons

Yesterday was a sad day for J Crew, the infamous Jenna Lyons stepped down from her role as Chief Creative Director.

For me this was a sad day, I worked at J Crew for a year and both prior to and during that time I was so obsessed with their products it was untrue! I still am a J Crew girl and always will be (I even had my bridesmaids in J Crew), there is just something so interesting about the brand and the products that the visionaries Lyons & Drexler created together- it just worked.

The next chapter for J Crew will be a interesting, I am sure for many people they are wondering how the brand will continue on without Jenna Lyons. However, she is leaving the role in good hands to current Head of Design Somsack Sikhounmuong — Who might I add if you didn’t know already, is the talented man behind J Crew’s sister brand Madewell, which is another story (I could go on forever!), but if you haven’t shopped there then go now, it is amazing and always first on my hit list in the US. The long and the short of it, it’s a sad time for J Crew but an exciting one for what is next and perhaps maybe the shake up it needs to take it to the next level…

With yesterday’s news in mind, I decided to refresh an old post from a couple of years ago with just one of the many, many times Jenna Lyons has absolutely nailed the high-low dressing in everyday life.

My top items for the J Crew look: Chambray ShirtLarge EarringsRegent BlazerChino PantsDenim JacketStatement NecklaceStriped TeePerfect White Shirt and anything Leopard printed.

My favourite look from the past week definitely has to be Jenna Lyons (Creative Director of J.Crew). If she wasn’t already cool enough and had a wardrobe we all envied, she went and pulled this one out of the bag. A striking feather maxi skirt teamed with a luxurious fur coat, a simple shirt (wardrobe staple) and a hint of leopard in a clutch (also a neutral, basic according to Lyons).

She managed to marry up the fun side of New Orleans with the full on feather show, but kept it chic with the understated top; not to mention nailing the all white dress code using tonal items to create the perfect look.Jenna Lyons Solange Knowles New Orleans Wedding

I love her just a little bit more now and I am sure you all do too.



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