The Minimalist Guide: Coen Collective

“Minimalism is not the lack of something, but the perfect amount of something.”

 Minimalism within Fashion is something which has been on the up for the past few years;  helped in particular by the popularity of Cos which has seen huge growth in Europe. Also, people are living a more slow paced and organic lifestyle which then trickles down into their wardrobes; being more ‘eco-friendly’. Recently to note British actress Emma Watson has been travelling for her Beauty & The Beast Press tour promoting only sustainable products or garments which are ’30 wears’- this approach to dressing is only going to get bigger and why not start now by investing in quality pieces.

Around the end of last year I was doing my usual scroll through Instagram and looking for new and interesting people to follow. This was when I came across the Coen Collective; a contemporary women’s boutique full of quality, minimal pieces and a undeniable Scandinavian aesthetic. I was hooked instantly and found myself pining after all products in their feed!

Just a small selection of my favourites show the effortless appeal to dressing minimally and with Spring around the corner, these pieces are sure to make dressing a whole lot easier.

On top of their selection of clothing and accessories, they also stock a great selection of organic apothecary products which are packaged beautifully. They are full of natural ingredients for goodness which will work wonders on your skin. My personal favourite is their Pumpkin Scrub as I am a secret obsessive over anything Fall related, and if you are quick this one is in the sale for $10!

So, after months of stalking their Instagram and checking in with their website for new products,  my curiosity got the better of me and I reached out to them to find out a bit more about their company and the people behind this carefully curated collection of goodies. Plus I thought what a great way to share the vision behind this brand with all my lovely readers and share with you this unique E-Boutique destination.

See below for an exclusive with the Founder at Coen Collective and a treat for all subscribers if you shop with them before the end of March- keep scrolling!

5 minutes with Sarah Collier | Sacramento, California

How did Coen Collective come about?

Coen was born out of the desire to combine my passion for design with my background in digital marketing. When I launched Coen, I was working full time as a Marketing and Event Coordinator for a non-profit, and while I loved that my work had meaning, I craved more of a creative outlet. My love for fashion and interior design blogs led me to discover incredible designers, and that inspired me to use my experience to create a platform highlighting them through a collection of my favorite pieces. At the time of launch, I had an especially hectic work schedule, so I sought to make Coen a lifestyle brand that emphasizes a slower, more intentional way of living through capsule pieces and apothecary.

What does minimal fashion mean to you?

Minimal fashion is about simplicity in both style and style of living.  On the one hand, it’s about an aesthetic that’s equally elegant and effortless, but it also means choosing quality, timeless pieces and maintaining a polished wardrobe of only the repeatedly worn essentials.

 Why draws you to the Scandinavian Aesthetic?

I’ve always been drawn to the understated elegance of Scandinavian design. For me, the calm neutral tones and minimalism creates a sense of composure that translates to a way of living.

Where do you find your personal style inspiration?

Online, mostly! I love Zara, and I’m currently obsessed with another new online retailer, Modern Citizen. I could truly buy the entire store and have no regrets. But, this endeavor has led me to appreciate the craftsmanship of slow fashion and independent designers, so as I build my own capsule wardrobe, I try to focus my spending on those special investment items. I love the Elizabeth Suzann label and its dedication to longevity and mindful production.

P.S Email subscribers receive an exclusive 10% off on orders made before 31st March 2017 using the exclusive code ‘pineandscandi’ at the checkout- Happy Shopping!



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