The Instagram Rug Which Is A Constant Sell Out

You may or may not have heard about a rug which is doing the rounds on Instagram. Yes, a rug, not a bag or a coat or the usual fashion related item… It has been spotted in nearly all of the most relevant influencers posts making people ask ‘Where is that from and how do I get it?’

This isn’t just any rug, firstly it is a steal at only £99 for the medium size, and also seriously Scandi looking! It has sold out SIX times since it started trending (thanks to lifestyle blogger Erica Davies) and then now has its own Instagram account.

La Redoute is a relatively unknown French Catalogue Brand which has been making headway quietly in the past couple of years, I personally get their catalogue and am surprised at the quality of pieces they offer. My favourite Blogger ‘The Frugality’ reguarly sports items from there and almost always sell out too!

La Redoute Afaw Rug


I have been pining after this since November and every time I check it is sold out to much dismay. There is something so understated and simple that just works, the neutral colour scheme goes easily in virtually any room, the shagginess of the texture make it ultra cosy and ‘hygge’ and also if you want to take great photos for social media then this will add some extra points.

If you too want to jump on this bandwagon then I have good news… IT’S IN STOCK! Also La Redoute has 15% off for all orders! I now just need to work on my husband to agree to buying this for our home…



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