Scandinavian Designers That Shaped Our Homes

 Mid Century design is making a comeback; you only need to type in ‘Nordic Home’ or `Scandinavian Interiors’ on Pinterest and Instagram to see endless photos of unique designs with clean lines, minimal aesthetics and neutral colours.

You may not realise it, but many of those cool pieces you have seen in interior magazines and showrooms are all based on core influencers from decades ago- yet still relevant and present today, even in IKEA!

I decided to talk about these notable designs today since Stockholm Design Week has kicked off and is sure to have many people interested in what’s new for home design and what’s still influencing your interiors for the next year. One thing to note is that with iconic designs which have stood the test of time, comes high prices for quality and authenticity- think of them as investments!

First up is Arne Jacobsen, a Danish Designer/Architect best know for his Egg and Swan chairs; strange names, but brings up connotations of refined curves. Below are the iconic designs which are sure to fit right in any open plan loft conversion for a ultra cool tech vibe. They offer a cocoon effect which is great for open spaces for privacy whilst working or even just some down time.

Skandium have the best options for both with a multitude of colours.

Next up is Greta Grossman and her Grasshopper Lamp. This is one of my favourites because it is so modern looking even today- 70 years later! Plus the fact there are so many options out there for this style that it is a much cheaper alternative to inject the Scandinavian vibe in your home without committing to a large piece of furniture (nearly a sixth of the price difference to the Jacobsen designs!).

Grasshopper Lamp

Last up is my absolute favourite and I hope a piece I will be able to buy in the not too distant future – Finn Juhl’s 45 Chair. What I love about this design is that it looks so inviting and relaxing, yet sturdy and reliable. It has an inviting recline but with a strong wood structure to give just the right amount of relax but not so much that you can’t work in this all day long.

On the left is the original design and shape, still selling at a cool £6000, but on the right is a great take on this mid century design at a fraction of the cost at £449. This great find is called the Karla chair and is from my new obsessions Swoon Editions– I want everything in their collection!



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