Lagom In 2017

New Year, New You…isn’t that how it starts for everyone?

I actually decided to go into 2017 for the first time with no resolutions, not one… but then after an insightful conversation I learnt that it doesn’t have to always be achievable, but having objectives is important and keeps us going every year- life needs purpose whether its through work, health, love or hobbies.

So I set an objective; Me. I am focusing on finding the right balance in my health and wellness. For years I have always had ailments and in the past 2 years they have really come to the forefront of my life, I had a turbulent and rather down start to 2016 because of this, so I decided to make a change for 2017.

With this in mind, after a winter of all things ‘Hygge‘ the new trend for 2017 and what fits rather perfectly into my new mantra is Lagom. I came across this term inside my husband’s recent Moncler Magazine, a supplement dedicated to people who love what they do and make a living from their passions and inspirations.

Lagom Lagom translates as ‘Just the right amount’, ‘in balance’ and ‘perfect-simple’. It is about your overall life approach, the backbone to your living and finding that perfect balance.

So, take a deep look at your life and focus on what will make you get to this state and better yet, achieve it. Whether that’s getting your finances under control, working out more at the gym, finding ways to stress less at work or spending more time with your family and friends. Mine will be to be more aware of my spending with the ‘do I really need this’ approach, to have better nutritional choices to nourish my body, to practice mindfulness through meditation and finding my centre through Yoga.

It doesn’t matter whether I do all of these or one, just by focusing I have an objective and a purpose to my life as a whole.



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