A Wardrobe Detox For Minimal Style


Alongside New Year resolutions, one thing I always like to do is relook at my wardrobe. I like to see what I wore from the past year and assess what needs to go to make way for any new pieces in the upcoming seasons.

This can be a daunting task for many, especially when you have probably been putting it off and the thought of opening those drawers full of who only knows what!

I decided to put together a quick and simple guide to help you work through it quickly and logically, since once you are done the fun begins… Outfitting, filling the gaps and easy street to dressing every morning.


Rather than doing what most say and emptying everything on to your bed/floor, clear a portion of your rail and add to the front every single one of your must have items. All the ones you love and reach for consistently. This way you will have a good idea of what is most worn in your day to day life.


Once you have your must haves sorted, check them all for any repairs and stains so that you can get them looking in tip top shape- you can even replace buttons for new ones to update instantly.


Now the hard bit…go through the rest of your clothes and place everything you haven’t worn once for the past year in one pile, then everything else which you haven’t worn for longer than a year in another pile (the latter should really just go straight to charity, don’t kid yourself!). Once separated, go through each and ask yourself ‘Am I really going to wear this again?’ Also try to understand why you haven’t worn it- shape, colour, size, style etc and then you will have a better idea of what not to buy again.


Since you have done the hardest bit you should now have a lot more space in your wardrobe appearing, this is where you need to look at all your pieces you have kept- see a pattern emerging? It could be you favour a certain colour, a specific cut of jeans, flat shoes etc. Now the fun part, make a list of everything that is missing from your minimal wardrobe- is it a great white shirt? A boyfriend jean? A grey cashmere sweater? Assess what you need to get more use out of your current belongings- remember quality not quantity!


Well done. You made it this far and now all that’s left is to organise! There are two options; everything by category; all your tops, skirts, trousers on so forth. Or by outfit, so if you know you always wear those trusty boyfriend jeans with a sweater then hang together, or if sometimes you add a simple button down shirt then slot it in behind and move on to the next outfit. It sounds like a challenge but believe me it will make dressing in the morning a doddle!

Just remember, if you can keep a one in one out approach you will never end up with a cluttered wardrobe again!



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