City Guide: Belgium

This weekend just gone I spent a lovely, long weekend in Belgium. This included the sights of Ghent, Brussels, Leuven and Bruges, accompanied with Waffles, Chocolate and Mulled Wine- the sign of a great christmas filled weekend with good friends! Whilst there I came across an amazing store in Ghent, housed in the newly renovated Post Building on Korenmarket.

 It is a grand, old building which now holds several brands (Men At Work, Skins Cosmetics, Sissy Boy) in an airy, minimalistic atmosphere complete with beautiful products everywhere! Not to mention one of the nicest Le Pain Quotidien cafes I have been in- well worth a rest bite.

In particular I fell in love with Sissy Boy and spent a good 20 minutes browsing all they had to offer. It’s Dutch and what I would call a lifestyle brand for the cool, style conscious individual from a young professional to a mother. They have Womens, Mens, Home and Kids all merchandised impeccably so you don’t feel like you are shopping specific areas, more browsing a well curated wardrobe/home.

On all the days exploring the various sights I made sure I took the time to venture into some shops and to my delight came across many gems. Who knew Belgians had such great shops and a scandinavian vibe going on, particularly in Leuven!

Since Leuven was a bit of a favourite, I will do a more detailed post on my best pick of the stores there and why if you love all things Scandi, you should make this a place to visit!



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