Simple Jewellery

Since I have been engaged I have found my taste for jewellery shift dramatically. I use to love the whole J Crew vibe; statement necklaces and earrings, not to say I don’t still love that but I have simply left that side to evenings or occasion wear.

Instead I have been drawn to all things minimalist and simple. This could be down to my general love for Scandinavian styling, but I think really its because I now have the most amazing engagement and wedding band, that I don’t feel the need to wear much more; or certainly not overpower them as they are the most precious and beautiful pieces to me!

Cue minimal jewellery pining, in particular I have picking up delicate necklaces for layering from the Z collection and also the beautiful bracelets at Monica Vinader (I got the Linear rose gold one as a Wedding Gift off my Husband).

Another great place for this style is Cos and & Other Stories. I am particularly fond of anything with the added detail of marble or stone because it adds another element of luxe and looks so sleek and put together, even with a basic tee and denim.



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