October Pinings

An overdue post at 2 months- it has honestly flown by.

I have had a busy 4 weeks. I was off work for my Wedding and Honeymoon, which have truly been the best days of my life and I am so incredibly lucky and blessed to have had such an amazing time and such an amazing husband.

In light of getting back into the swing of things, I decided to share some of my current obsessions and things post-wedding (no more planning means lots of brain space!). I already have my Nike trainers which I have been wearing every weekend and with a recent iPhone upgrade I do now also have a marble phone case!

Slowly I am sure these will all make it into my orbit, but at the weekend I saw the most amazing Camel Wool Coat that won’t evade my memory… so I feel this might be on my next agenda. If I splurge I will be sure to share some pictures very soon; let’s face it, Fall is in full swing and the air is cold so I think it is a necessity to buy!



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