Nordic Living

This past weekend I had a very different shopping experience to what I would consider the usual. As I am getting married in September I had the pleasure (and fun) of creating my gift registry and spent the whole afternoon on Saturday zapping away with my fiance. It is amazing how much delight ‘virtual’ shopping brings, the rush of spending but with actually no dread of what the bank balance will look like at the end of the day.

With this in my diary a few weeks back, I wanted to plan ahead and make sure I knew what kind of theme/style I wanted to go towards for our future home together. This was an easy choice considering my love for all things Scandi and Nordic and the help of Pinterest for some inspiration.

I feel like we  have put together a list of styles which really suit our personal tastes and our mutual vision on how we want our home to feel. With a taster above of what to expect from this kind of interior, I have also  listed some of my favourite picks to add into your home easily:

  1. Skandinavisk Candles and Diffusers
  2. Marble Bottle Vases 
  3. Cashmere Grey Throw

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