It finally happened; Summer…or at least the very start of it has arrived!

We have had the joy of two glorious days of blue skies and warmth so far, it has had me clambering for my summer wardrobe and digging out anything loose and flowy.

After a ruthless review of my clothes which haven’t seen daylight for approximately 9 months (a shockingly long Winter), I did a huge detox and managed to edit 3 recycling bags of clothes/bags to my local charity shop. When I am not wearing it anymore I would rather see it go to a good home and for someone else to love it as much as I once did.

With that in mind I do have my eye on a few things, in particular I have seen a lot of amazing silk camisoles and tops with interesting details to them and of course strappy or backless. There is something very sexy about showing off the curves of your back, something which we don’t very often either which I guess makes it more sultry. It is also pretty liberating not having to wear a bra and a welcome feel when the temperatures rise!

Above are a few of my favourite styles I have seen lately and will be keeping my eye out for something similar to add to my wardrobe. Whatever style you go for, it is sure to take you from office to bar with the use of some casual layering in the day and showing off your back come night.




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