Denim Day

Today is National Denim Day, so I am sure wherever in the world you are there will be many stores promoting their range of Denim.

Jeans are my go to, my every day basic that i wear like a security blanket. My usual was always dark blue just skinny jeans (the ultra tight JCrew kind). However, this year I set myself a mission to try new styles and colours; I now own a ripped girlfriend pair, pale grey straight leg and black ankle zip skinnies.

Denim shouldn’t just be reserved for your bottom half, there are so many options and styles around now that it are so cool and really have revamped the image- even Mom jeans are hot!

With that in mind, my next purchase is definitely going to be some dungarees. They totally aren’t my style, but i do believe there is the right denim style for everyone out there if you look and try on!

A selection of my favourite street style looks are enough inspiration for most to want to try something new this summer…



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