Samsøe Stockholm

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 17.45.06

I have been in Stockholm for a birthday weekend and had the best time. It truly lived up to what I was expecting; COOL- such happy people, amazing fashion and gastronomic food. Oh and the Fika (having coffee often with friends).

So whilst I was there I had some monetary gifts off family and decided to splurge on something typically Scandinavian. I had spent the first day checking out all the cool brands such as Acne, Hope, Filipa K, J Lindeberg and Samsøe and as you would imagine came away wanting everything and a bigger bank account.

However, one thing in particular really caught my eye at Samsøe. A beautiful burgundy leather bag, structured and with gold hardware (two combos I love!). So after a nights sleep and another day sightseeing and perusing in Mood and NK I decided to go and buy the bag which I hadn’t stopped thinking about since setting my eyes on it.

Samsøe is definitely my favourite brand I came across, everything in store was beautifully made and luxurious fabrics but all with a very minimalist and fun feel. Great colours and items which you would truly wear all the time, becoming wardrobe staples.

Scandinavian fashion, as always, has been a huge influence for me, however now after a weekend in the heart of it all, its safe to say I will be buying more and have gone to the dark side.



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