Sanayi Shoe Obsession

I am privy to a pointed shoe. I think probably 3/4 of my shoes are pointed, and the ones which aren’t happen to be trainers and a few pairs of ballet slippers (obviously).

So when I recently received the SS16 Matches Fashion magazine, and came across these beauties I was a little bit excited! Elegantly pointed, oozing luxuriousness and just the right amount of OTT glamour with plenty  of embroidery, tassels and pom poms.

Not only that, but their raffia tassel ones are just perfection and scream summertime. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on them and pair with some White Culottes, a great cropped chambray blouse, bold earrings and classic shades.

They aren’t available to buy yet, but if you head over to Matches Website and search for Sanayi 313, you can indeed sign up to be notified when these come in stock. I would fast, as I think these might just sell out!



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