Storm Lux Essentials

After Storm Jonas’s snow days across the East Coast last week, it had everyone reaching for their essentials that every wardrobe needs to function in a storm- A sturdy boot, A wool turtle neck, A waterproof Parka, A beanie hat and the year round accessory- sunglasses.

Now if you are style conscious like me, then you don’t just want to be wearing any old thing… I want to have amazing quality, ultra luxurious fabrics and obviously chic staples to pull out of hibernation every year.

My top 5 picks to ensure you are wrapped up warm and look remotely less windswept are above; Wool, Cashmere, Suede, Fur- pure luxury. From the Iconic statement Canada Goose, to the basic wool turtleneck, whichever you decide to add to your collection this year make sure it is timeless and an investment( think cost per wear)!



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