Osman x Amazon Fashion

Osman is well known for his sculptured interesting aesthetic with fans such as Emily Blunt, Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow. This collection is what you would expect, a clean simple silhouette but with injections of colour which appeal to his love of art.

I love a good collaboration and there is nothing better than being able to own a piece from a capsule collection at an affordable price. I have never purchased clothing from Amazon, nor is it somewhere that I would immediately think to look at, however, after this I think they will reaffirm their mark as an e-tail giant with a lot more to offer!

I’m lusting after the Tuxedo Jacket which is a Unisex boxy fit in wool, a classic piece to have in any wardrobe which will last every season. And finally, because christmas is fast approaching The Jumper which is also a Unisex slouchy fit with soft touch wool/cotton.

Prices range form £95-150, so I’d snap them up quick.



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